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Ross Mayfield

You have my post out of context. I am not saying I am shipping jobs overseas or I prefer hiring foreign candidates or planning on making use of H-1s. The labor market here in the valley is worse than it is in Dallas.

My post was pointing out that the IEEE is inconsistent in opposing both offshore labor and H-1 visas. They are different issues. And I do believe that if you protect against immigration it accelerates the flow of jobs abroad, not for binary reasons, but macro effects.

BTW, here is a great article on offshoring http://www.foreignaffairs.org/20040501faessay83301-p0/daniel-w-drezner/the-outsourcing-bogeyman.html

Steve Neiderhauser


Thanks for the link to the outsourcing article. I thought Robert McTeer provided a valuable insight:

As Robert McTeer, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, said when asked about policy responses to outsourcing, "If we are lucky, we can get through the year without doing something really, really stupid."

Most employees of companies that are considering offshoring jobs are probably thinking the same thing. That brings us back to the point that most people are missing--there are ways to create high-performance teams that are ten times more effective than other teams.

Jon Strande asks a question that many economists are missing: "Cost savings compared to what?" When you read his article in Darwin Magazine, you’ll see that some really, really stupid decisions have already been made.

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