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Thanks for pointing out Mr. Carbone's work. I particularly enjoyed the "Managing Service Experience Clues" article! After reading it I got a copy of his book to see how much more it contains.


Steve Neiderhauser


After you read the book leave a comment and let me know how you like it.

Sense and respond is one of the concepts I like. Of coure that ties to the adaptive enterprise.




It's been more than a while, but I'm back! I've read "Clued In" twice now, since I was unsure of my impressions after the first reading.

I think Clued In has some great concepts, but it seems very high-level and consultant-oriented. The first reading left me cold; the second thinking I could do better. So I forced myself to write a hands-on primer of experience design to figure out if there was a better way.

Since you have knowledge of the literature and expertise in the field, I would appreciate you looking at the intro and first chapter of the rough draft. Let me know what you think. "You're off your nut!" is a valid response.



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