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Sue Hershkowitz-Coore

You rock! Thanks so much for your kind comments. One other thing about saying "no" and that is that I'd never encourage someone to say "Yes we can do it," when what they mean is that they think/hope/will try to do it. Say yes when what you really mean is no or maybe is self-defeating and wrong. Tell them what you can do, for instance, saying, "I can get it to you by Friday noon" [when the request was for Thursday morning]. Always say what is possible and refuse to use the word "no" except in crisis (to the two -year old running into the street, for instance).
Hope this helps! SpeakerSue

Steve Neiderhauser


Thanks for providing more details about saying “No” and how it relates to managing customer expectations.

Also loved the word tracks and the “When” instead of “If” pattern in your book.

Very helpful, indeed.


Kare Anderson

Sue is one of my favorite people - as a writer and a speaker - and that book is a gem.

Thanks, Steve, for the book rec at my blog. I will look it up!

As you well know, visualization cuts both ways.

Picturing the worst, replaying the past or envisioning the future, can cut a deep rut in the road of mind habits.

Mastery by George Leonard and The Life You Are Given by GeorgeLeonard and Michael Murphy started me on using this method.
- Kare

Steve Neiderhauser


Mastery looks interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks.

Visualization is especially powerful in performance areas like sports. I think of writing and giving presentations as areas where visualizing success improves your performance.

I like talking about this stuff because it reminds me to spend time imagineering the future.


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