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Nice Post, Steve.

I absolutely agree that customer service can be a major advantage for teams that do it right. In the high-team sector, it is easy to think about innovation in terms of technology alone. But teams can also innovate in the way that they communicate and work with their clients.

Also, it seems that the consumer technology sector has done a better job with customer service than the enterprise tech sector. Apple has become the gold standard in customer experience (including customer service). And many other consumer tech companies large and small have followed suit. Enterprise IT on the other hand still has the reputation (fair or not) of being a gatekeeper and obtuse. I believe there is big opportunity for enterprise tech organizations (including in-house IT groups) who take customer service seriously.

Nice post. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff in the future.



Hi Brian,

Glad you enjoyed the post.

I always tell teams that they are not selling a product, they are selling an experience.

I believe that Enterprise IT could use many of the concepts in Micah's book to improve the experience.


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